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Dissecting a Pocketbook: What Do You Really Keep In It?

For years, I never really had a need for a pocketbook.  Everything I needed would usually just fit in my pockets: keys, phone and wallet.  Carrying anything else just seemed excess, after all, do I really need to have anything else with me?

That was me years ago, before I had my daughter.  Since having her I have been using a pocketbook (SHRIEK!!!–okay the horror passed).  I admit, due to my lack of knowledge and understanding years ago, there are things that women (especially mothers) need to carry with them at all times.

My pocketbook carrying days started out with the nursing bag (I think that’s where they start converting people).  I was carrying everything for my newborn that I thought I needed, or could use in an emergency.  Now that my daughter is older, I still need to carry emergency items with me to make it through the day.

I feel so sorry for anyone who tries to rip off my pocketbook.  The would be thief would turn around and say, “Here lady, I didn’t know you were carrying junk.”

Here is what I currently need (or think I need) in my bag:

– Diapers

– Changing Pad

– Wipes

– Snacks (Cheerios and apple sauce)

– Spoons

– Forks

– Straws

– Paper

– Crayons

– Highlighter (when crayons are not doing their job)

– Change for the parking meters

– Tissue

– Box Drink

– Canteen of water

– Emergency toy

– Phone

– Keys

– Wallet

This bag was made to hold drinks. It has cup holders on the sides!

Phew!  That’s a lot of items!  This is what I carry with me to when I’m near my neighborhood and walking to the local store.  If I’m traveling for a longer distance and time, add a change of clothes and shoes to that list.  Over kill?  Maybe, but these items are what I call upon usually through out my trip.  No sense in repacking a bag, if I have one ready.

Now, the theory goes, the older you are–the bigger the bag.  Is that true?  Right now, my bag is pretty big and heavy for my standards, but I think I’ll cry if it is expected to get bigger.

Some women who allowed me to look in their bag (when I was younger) did keep a variety of items in there.  Some kept food for themselves, such as sucking candy or cookies.  Others kept Q-tips, mouth wash, shampoo (we do have NY pidgins; they will poop on you for kicks) and conditioner.  Other things that I’ve noticed was that some items were either empty or expired.

It seems like some of the items that were in there were either lost at one point and a new on was bought, or the old container was special enough not to be thrown away (I guess it doesn’t matter if it is the third anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, it’s a different scent: fresh alcohol).

Since I now carry a pocketbook everywhere I go (because I can’t leave home without it), my daughter wants to carry her bag with her too.  It’s not like she carries her bag the whole day…nope, I’m stuck carrying it.

Men: I now know what you feel like when you not only carry your own things, but someone else’s bag as well.  Thank you for putting up with our frilly bags and not putting them on the floor.

Ladies: What do you usually carry in your bag that is (or you think is) a must have ?