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Enjoying the Simplist Things: Return of Childhood

If I had a choice, I don’t think I would pass up the chance to relive my childhood, well certain parts of it anyway. There are things I would like to do better, and people who I would love to see again. But thank goodness we can’t go back in time, because that would just be embarrassing all over again.

I bring this up because my daughter has a wonderful habit of enjoying the most simplist of things. Some days, she will sit and messily play with Mr. Bubbles. Other days she would want me to bounce a balloon on my head while she’s squealing and laughing with tears of joy running down her cheeks.

These are the days that I love. It doesn’t have to be an expensive toy, or an expensive experience, just enjoy the little things together.

Thinking of my parents, I’m sure it was moments like those that my parents have etched in their memories. Also, it was those moments that I remember the most too.

These days, we try to spend a lot of money to create memories, when wonderful memories are being created everyday. I know that it won’t be the trip to anywhere that my children will remember, it will be the experience and joy of what we did together on that trip.

Each weekend my daughter wakes up and joyfully jumps on her dad to wake her up (better him than me) but while he gets annoyed a bit, I know deep down he’s enjoying every moment (his own confession). Childhood is just too short, but maybe with kids of our own, we can revisit the parts we didn’t mind.

What are some of the simplest things your child enjoys (that you don’t mind either)?