After much deliberation and practice, my husband and I decided to give parenting a try.  We figured, what the heck, we can’t do worse than everyone out there!  So in 2009, I gave up my working shoes, and donned on my canvas shoes to become (wait for it) — A Stay at Home Mom to a blasian baby.

I’ve learned a lot about my daughter by being her primary caregiver, and surprisingly, a lot about myself.  That is what this blog is about.  Not only about the trials and tribulations of being a stay at home mom, but also about finding balance for self, relationships, and anything else that would keep me sane.

So I hope that you pull up a chair, and grab a cup of tea so we can get on this journey together.  There will be bumps, after all, how many roads are really smooth.  But from what I’ve learned so far, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

  1. Like your blog! What kind of work did you do before you decided to stay at home? Are you planning on more kids or is one enough?

    • Hello and thank you! I used to be an Account Manager for an Online marketing company. As for kids, my body is telling me that one is not enough, so I guess I’m having more. Maybe one or two…or three. Hmm, gotta work that out soon. From your blog, you mentioned that you have 3 kids, how old are they?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I’m still single thanks to my fear of relationships, marriage and kids. Reading your blogs provides me with comfort that this might be me one day (yikes!!!) and I might not have anything to worry about (…very terrified here..). You’re blogs are very adventurous, very informal and very very adorable. Again, thanks for sharing your blog.

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