Daily Archives: June 23, 2011

Having A Sense of Humor

I’ve always wondered where my sense of humor came from.  I have the silliness of my mom (who no doubt got that from my grandfather), and my sarcastic nature, which I got from my dad.  Put those two things together, and you have a really odd sense of humor.  If my mother is correct, then I have a lot to be worried about.

My mother loves to buy dolls.  Even when we were past the age to play with them, she still bought them–for her.  She has a room in her house of dolls that sit there quietly while waiting to be played with.  Eire for me since I didn’t play with dolls, but heaven for my daughter who just adores them.

One doll brought back a fond memory of me playing a jest on my parents.  Arthur.  If I was a child again, then this doll would be the one I would snuggle up with at night.  He had programable hands, ears and feet.  Just the perfect thing for a tinker (such as myself) could really get into. Read the rest of this entry