Things That I Crave, Miss and Desire Since Becoming a Mom

Every now and then, I start to have cravings.  I would love to say it’s mainly for chocolate but it’s not.  Sometimes, it’s something simple as well as not.

Her are a list of things that I’m either craving, missing, or desiring:

1. Cereal

Just a plain bowl of cereal.  Not Cheerios, but some real cereal.  Maybe something with honey and nuts.

2. Shrimp

My husband has shell-fish allergies and since I don’t know what it will do to my daughter, I’ve never given her shell-fish (yet).  That means in my family, I’m the only one who loves and is missing shrimp.  I used to be able to go out and order it when I did go out to eat, but now, we order something safe for everyone to munch on.

3. Alone time with “John”

You know, a wife’s throne.  Since my daughter was born, going to the bathroom has been a family affair.  Wouldn’t it be nice to use it without having the little one bang on the door (along with dad).  How about using it without having company, and then have that company bring in all their toys and books.  On top of that, expect you to read while you’re meditating.

4. Saying exactly what’s on my mind

I’ve learned to do a lot of censorship in the past 2 1/2 .  But it would be so nice to say exactly what’s on my mind.  I’ll probably be just like areyoudreaming from Mom Land when she blogged about filling in at her old station in “Working…9 to 5…“:

At work, the rush of working in a TV newsroom returned to me. The best part? The swearing. Ah, yes. I know it’s juvenile, don’t judge me. But, getting to use ”bad” words around grown ups, without having to “earmuff” my kids was awesome! It’s not like I dropped the F bomb at every turn, but it was nice to know I could.

5. Wasting a day in a book

Gone are the good ol’ days when I could have a day to just read.  Read. Read. Read.  All day long.  Stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then read some more.  Now, I’m lucky to read a blog post, write one, or when she’s asleep, read for a chapter before my head crashes in the book.

6. Time in a spa

I used to be able to get my hair, and nails done.  I could still try to get my nails done, but that would be a lost cause.  I could leave her a lone with dad, but dad would ask me what did he do wrong to get such punishment.  I could bring them both with me, but last time I did that, my daughter thought I was being tortured by the woman doing my manicure.  At least I know how to file my nails.   As for the hair, well that’s out of the question.  Every time I go and try to wash my own hair, my daughter starts screaming and crying (she thinks I’m going to wash her hair instead).

7. Quick trips to the store

A long time ago, before a kid, I was able to walk to the store, pick up what I needed and then head home.  No running after anyone.  No holding an extra 25lb in my arms plus the items that I bought from the store.  Come and go.  Now, I have to coordinate between nap time, lunch time and snack time.  I need to make a quick action plan to get me in and out of the store as quickly as possible without any tantrums.  If there is a tantrum, I need to have things on hand in order to calm them down.  This is why I hate making quick trips to the store.

8. Window shopping

Have you tried to window shop with a toddler?  Most of the time you’re standing in one place while they are ready to run off into no where.  If you try to window shop in a store, you spend most of your time trying to pry the items away from their sticky fingers all the while they are screaming “MINE!” off the top of their lungs.  What window shopping?

9.  Adult time with the hubby

I don’t know why, but every time we decide to have some real adult time (you know what I’m talking about–not watching tv adult time), my daughter would start calling my name.  Mind you, this is around the same we watch tv in the evenings and she’s sound a sleep.  On both occasions we are quiet, but she just has some hidden receptor when we’re having some real adult time.

10.  Communicating with adults

Not just talking to other adults, but talking to adults when I know what I’m saying.  Far too often I talk to people when I’m dead tired and weird things come out of my mouth.  Like the time when I asked the lady behind the counter at KFC for “breast-milk chicken.”  I clearly meant to say breast meat, but nope, my sleepy mind changed everything I meant to say and scrambled it.

That feels so much better to get off my fingers.  What are some things that you are either craving, missing or desiring?

About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    #5 and #7 hit on the things I miss most. Really, if I had to sum it up, I’d say . . . I miss all that time I spent lying around thinking, “Well, I suppose I could do something, if I felt like it . . .” Now I have to do stuff from 6a-7:30p, no matter how I feel about it.

    #10 I so relate to.

    • I agree with the doing the things you don’t want to do from the time you wake up until the time the kids go to sleep. We always say it’s for a good cause (which it is), but it does have it’s toll on us sometimes.

  2. Breast milk chicken?! That’s awesome. I am actually laughing aloud!!!
    I crave adult time too. I have yet to blog about this on my site, but my husband and I are separated. It’s really tough to be the only adult around the kids all day. I have three. I’m vastly outnumbered!!!

    • Three? Oh yea, you’re definitely outnumbered! My hat’s off to you. One is a handful, three is an army; especially when you’re around them all day and doing it all yourself. Now, you must have some secret to keeping sane. I’m ready to throw in the towel, crock pot, and the kitchen sink to escape to an exotic island for a month.

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