Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Spending The Day With The Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and boy are we exhausted! Nothing says family time like wearing yourself out. Best part is, our daughter was worn out too (yay).

At first my husband was undecided as to what he wanted to do. So a walk with the family topped off with dinner at the Sushi Restaurant that’s in our neighborhood seemed to be the perfect solution.

I’ve gone out to eat with my daughter in the past, and honestly it was never a positive experience, but I know that the more I take her out, the better she will be in a restaurant. So far this method is working.

Down side is I really can’t order what I want to eat, but have to order safe things to eat because she is going to munch from my plate. What’s the safest thing to order in a Sushi Restaurant? Glad you asked, it’s Tofu.

My daughter loves Tofu. So we ordered Teriyaki Tofu with some dumpling and Miso soup. The Tofu came with rice and the portions were large enough for 3 people. By the time we finished dinner we were all stuffed and satisfied.

Since it was Father’s Day, I mentioned to my husband to order a nice drink for himself. He ended up getting a Taro Root smoothie (good stuff by the way).

When the bill came, we were surprised. It was only $23 dollars! And yes, everything we ordered was on the bill. Not only did we spend great time together, but we didn’t have to break the bank in order to celebrate.

At the end of the day, we were able to come home and relax without worry about dishes and making dinner. For both of us, it was a great day.