Dear Daughter: An Open Letter To You

Dear Darling Daughter,

I write to you because you won’t sit still to listen but you don’t mind sitting down to “read.”

First, thank you for your interest in my emotions. Not a moment goes by without you asking me if I’m “happy? Sad? Mad? Cry?…” I just wish you stayed around to hear the answer. It’s okay, I understand you’re busy.

Oh, I have noticed a change in you. Are you approaching your terrible two’s yet? How about we put a spin on that? Can you try to live up to “terrific two’s?” it’s a long shot but it will at least make me happy.

You are getting much clearly when you talk, which is a great thing because half the time I’m guessing at what I think you’re saying. I know you notice it. You end up responding with a “no,no, no” and then say the word louder. I hate to say this, but even if you yell it out, I still won’t have a clue. I just hope you will continue to be patient with me while I figure it out.

By the way, I do love the fact that you are learning Chinese and English at the same time. It just makes it harder to follow the conversation. But don’t worry, it’s not you–it’s me.

Are you still reading this letter? Something tells me different; call it Mother’s intuition (or just seeing you run around the living room). Just as well, even in written form you will do you’re own thing. It’s okay though I was just about to end it.

Your Loving Mother,


P.S: it is true. We do have to put on clothes before we get to Grandma’s. You can take them off when we get in her home.

About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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