Surprised No More: These Things Are Normal

I used to love surprises–when I was younger.  I noticed that as I get older, I would rather have someone spoil it for me than me getting scared out of my mind.

This would go for good and bad surprises.  Don’t take your time breaking the news to me.  Tell it to me blunt.  Believe me, my mind can do far more damage than your words can do.

Just leave a neurotic alone with their thoughts and imagination, and I guarantee we’ll come up with a far worse scenario than your surprise could have created.

Apparently, I’m not the only one in my family who doesn’t liked to be shocked and awed with news.  My husband (who is older than me–I had to put that in there), doesn’t like to be shocked either.  So I know if i say those magic words: “I have a surprise for you.”  I’m faced with a stone serious face.  Nope, he doesn’t like those words either.

Here is a list of  5 things that no longer surprise me:

1. Not having my dinner to myself any longer

This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and any thing that I put in my mouth (even if it is to take my temperature).  I am required by baby law to share everything that I have.  The consequences for breaking the law is a toddler who will have a breakdown.

2. Not being able to take a nap; even if she is being watched by someone else

It turns out that these days, my daughter is more clingy than usual.  Maybe she knows something I don’t, but I am not allowed to take a nap even if her cup over flows with people to play with.  At most, I think I can get away for 5 minutes.  Not even enough time to relax.

3.  Laundry is a family affair

Even if it does mean that it takes 2x longer just to get it done.  She has to take the clothes off the line, hand it to me, and then I carry everything into the bedroom.  At least I’m getting a workout.

4.  Workouts mean extra weight on me

When working out, my daughter would either climb on my back for the push-ups or on my stomach for the leg / hip raises.  The plus size is I am at least getting extra weight for my workouts.

5.  Clean up = mess things up

In order to get things clean (that were already clean), my daughter would like to make it messy so she could be helpful.  I try to convey to her that being helpful means not making a mess.  But have you ever tried to have a normal conversation with a toddler?  You’re lucky you can get your point out first without being shushed, or talked over.  Talk about rude.

At least she’s learned to say: Thank you, Sorry, and Please.  Manners is working in that department.

What are some things that no longer surprise you with your kids?

About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. What surprises me the least is the ability to get a stain, big or small, on EVERY brand new white shirt. Scratch that, on every brand new light colored top or bottom.

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