Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

If My Thighs Could Talk….

They would probably say “What is up with that?!”

My daughter is enjoying her terrible two phase with me.  She  loves to exhibit her independence by hitting my thighs with wooden play spoons.  I’ve never given her a spanking before, why in the heck is she giving me one?

Of course each time she does that, she is met with me taking the toy from her and her being placed in a time out phase where I don’t talk to her for a minute.  Not like it matters right now.  She fills the space with questions about my emotional state.  When I do answer with “angry” or “mad,” she then cries and tells me to stop.  Like I’m the one doing the damage.

After she has done her time, she runs to me, gives me a hug with a kiss and even says sorry.  Aww, how sweet right?  Then five minutes later, she’s back to swatting my thighs with another toy.  Are they really that big?  Does she have to aim at the same spot?

It’s hard to be the picture of cool when all you want to do is throw a tantrum yourself, but you know you can’t (at least not with the little one watching).  I say all the prayers that I can think of.  I even start singing Shawn Mullins Lullaby.  Unfortunately, my daughter has heard it so many times, she starts joining in the “rockabye” part.  She does this while she’s in time out, even when I’m not singing.

When she gets all that swatting out of her system, she then sits down quietly, drawing, pretending that she wasn’t acting like a little imp a few minutes ago.  In her “happy” phase, again I am met with more hugs, and kisses.

I’m trying to figure out what’s worse, dealing with my own mood swings, or trying to navigate through her mood swings along with my mood swings.  Either way, there’s a whole lot of mood swings going on in here, and it’s not me.

Side note:  If you haven’t heard this song, check it out here–