Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

The Urge To Just Get Away

I eyed the bedroom door. This is it. I told myself. This is the only chance I got in 48 hours to make a run for it. My daughter’s head was turned, and my husband didn’t know my plan. I was about to steal some me time before this place drives me crazy.

The weekends are never really weekends for me. My husband does as much as he could, but my terrible two toddler sometimes just prefer my company over his, even while I’m retreating from the parenthood battlefield.

For the past 48 hours I’ve had my hands literally full with my daughter. If it’s not holding her, it’s shooing her away from the fan. Picking her up from the chair that’s near the window. Making sure that she’s safe. At the end of the day, I’m usually greeted by a tired toddler who wants to snuggle after putting me through hell, and a tired husband. Which I’m still wondering what he’s tired from. Must be all those “Listen to your mother.” speeches.

But right now as I type this, I’m being quiet. Stealthy quiet. Quiet quiet. My daughter is screaming my name outside this door but I swear I will not give up my location. This may be the only break during the daylight that I may get for the next week.

Hmmm. Something is up. The apartment is eerily quiet. Too quiet. She’s not this quiet unless she’s up to some calculated damage. I’m sure dad has it under control.

So as I was saying, today was just one of those days when you are no longer counting the hours to bedtime, you are just wishing that it came already. Arms, legs, brain, back, fingers, eyes, every part of my body is just too tired to carry on–dang why is she still quiet. Never mind, dad has this under control.

Even while sneaking a break, it seems like my mind is unable to shut off. I want the break, but I don’t want to get too relaxed because I have to get back into the swing of things again (as soon as I leave this room).

At least this break gave me a moment to type out this post and gave me the last ounce of energy that I’m going to need to get though the rest of the day, and bath time. I have to get her hair wet, this is not going to be pretty.

I need to abort this mission, my location has been compromised.  She found me.