Fall! Fall! Fall!


A few months ago, my daughter fell down hard enough to prompt an emergency dentist visit. Even though everything worked out okay, I know that she still remembers it.

Every stumble since  her fall (major or minor) is “the fall” for her. She would sit on the floor saying “I fall, I fall” while waiting for me to come to the rescue and pick her up.

There has been times when she’s fallen (stumbled) and knowing that she wasn’t hurt, I walked away to prompt her to get up on her own. Instead of getting up and staying up, she would get up, run to me, and tell me she fell. When I move forward to pick her up, she then runs back to the same spot where she’s fallen so that I can pick her up from there.

I don’t get it. She’s not hurt. Running after me tells me that. At this point I don’t want to understand.

If she bumps her teeth, she’s insistent on me checking her mouth every five minutes. After all the teeth checking, she will be permanently attached to me by nursing for the rest of the day.

I don’t know what’s worse, picking her up after every minor stumble or having her latched to me for the rest of the day because she fell and got scared.

Would it really be so bad if I offer her a cookie and then hide in the bathroom? Just asking.

Right now I’m just buying my time since I cherish my peace and quiet and can’t stand to hear her cry all day.

What do you do when your child refuses to let you out of their sights?


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Oh, man. I wish I could share some awesome strategy, but it doesn’t happen very often with Li’l D. When it does happen, it’s just for an hour or two. For what it’s worth . . . I think there are times where a cookie might not be such a bad thing.

    If I see anything interesting and relevant on this in the next few days, I’ll post it here! I wish you luck.

  2. You gave me an idea. Like the arrangement of your blog. Just stopping through to show love.

  3. You’re welcome. Keep sharing!

  4. Woah. So, I’m thinking about how you’re nursing your girl “all day.” My guess is that you’re exaggerating (at least a little). How do you have enough milk for that? Or, patience? I’m guessing that your nursing style has been “on demand,” as opposed to “parent led”? I can’t imagine that with a 2-year old. I’m pretty sure my youngest would want to nurse all day, too. I’m still nursing my 18-month old, and I recently mentioned something about that at a book club once and got the gasps and “oh mys” from every woman there which is surprising because we live in a pretty “hippie friendly” kind of town. I’m curious if you find any reactions like that with your daughter being even older.

    So, no judgement here from me. What I do know is that when my youngest cries all day, I sometimes just have to let her. I do what I can, but ultimately she has to learn to self-soothe.

    • The way my daughter would nurse would be 20-30 minutes at a time until something catches her attention, then she would start again when she “remembers” it. This really only happens when she thinks she’s hurt.

      Most of the time, a kiss to her ouchie or “boo-boo” and she’s good to go. The fall would have to scare her enough to prompt her to want to nurse more than often.

      I have gone with the demand method instead of parent led one. There are people who’ve I encountered who would ask if she was too old for that or I should consider weaning her, and I tell them honestly that the average age for a child to wean is between 3-4 years of age. I honestly don’t think she’s going to be nursing that long, but if she does…eh. Doesn’t bother me or my husband.

      In this society we view women’s breasts as sexual so when people find out they are still in use (for it’s intended purpose) people don’t really know what to make of it. Most of the time I just tell them the truth– no I’m not going to wean her, she’s going to wean herself.

      They would give me disapproving stares and I would stare back at them with a “and what” look on my face. I won’t become a closet nurser and I won’t have my daughter shamed into weaning. Especially if it’s before she’s ready. She’ll have plenty of things to be ashamed about in the future.

      Oh as for the quantity of milk and patience–I don’t think I have a lot of either, but nursing does force me to stop and slow down.

  5. Hey! I just stumbled across your blog. Always good to read about other moms with nursing toddlers!

    This sounds like a difficult situation because she has had a traumatic experience and obviously still needs some help getting over it. Have you tried playing ‘falling down’ games with her (like ring-a-rosie)? Perhaps something like that would help her understand that falling down is not always such a terrible thing. Maybe you could even ‘fall down’ too when she falls, then get back up with an ‘Up we get! We’re OK!’

    Just some thoughts! Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Surprisingly she loves ring around the Rosie, and London Bridges. She also likes to fall down (on the bed). I think it’s falling forward that could be scaring her the most.

      Her falling has been traumatic for her, it was the first time she ever saw blood, and honestly that was the first major accident she’s been in.

      I’m still working on walking past that spot where she fell (right now she would rather have me hold her until we pass that location), but she really does remember what happened there. She would point to her teeth when we pass that particular building.

      I just need to give her some time to get over it. Aside from this falling down business, this girl is a bullet! Zipping from one area to the other exploring and playing, meanwhile telling me she can do it (doesn’t matter what it is).

  6. Well, I commend you! Good for you. It’s good to hear someone who is sticking to their ideals. It is taboo to so many people. It really, really is. Breasts are a completely different thing once you’ve used them to nourish a baby. I don’t feel ashamed that I’m still nursing, though people are often so taken aback. I very infrequently nurse in public because we’re down to 2-3 times a day, basically waking and sleeping. I like the idea of letting them ween themselves, but I’m not sure I have the stamina. I weaned my first child because I was pregnant with my second and my nipples were so sensitive that nursing KILLED each and every time. It killed like “mastitis” kills–which I also had a lot of… She barely noticed. It was pretty easy. Anyway, at this point my daughter being 18-months old, it’s hard to imagine stopping any time soon, either by my own decision or hers…. I don’t know what we’ll do this time… Day by day for now…

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