Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

To Be Rendered Useless


My daughter has a way of making you feel like you are not wanted. She does it on purpose to the people who she loves, she just hasn’t done it to me yet.

When we went out with my brother for his graduation, she didn’t want anyone holding her–except me. On the train, I was either holding her or fighting with her to stay in her seat. At the graduation, it was a battle to keep her still (thank God for nap time), and it was a challenge keeping her seated at the restaurant.

According to some on lookers, I’m a very lucky mom because my daughter wasn’t running all over the place. People actually said this to me with a straight face. Maybe I want her running around, just so that dad can run after her and I can have 5 minutes to myself.

But nope, I can’t move an inch, or order something I really want to eat without bringing my daughter or sharing it with her. My daughter really expects me to share my food with her, but once I do, I don’t get my plate back. It will be forever known as her plate with her catsup.

My husband on the other hand has it worse. He can’t help her wash her hands without her crying for me. He can’t blow on her food without her telling him to “fowp” (stop). I can’t imagine not being to at least change her diaper without having her protest…and protest she does.

Right now, our grasses look so much greener to each other. He tells me that I have it lucky because she is attached to me. I tell him he has it lucky because she is attached to me.

We’ll go back and forth for a while until my husband says to our daughter, “Where’s Mommy? Mommy leaving.” Not to my surprise, she’s running to me with tears in her eyes while she’s telling me not to go. Mind you I didn’t go nor was I planning on going anywhere. I already learned my lesson to try to use the bathroom solo.

I keep telling him to keep doing that, karma is a not a nice lady, and I can’t wait to sick her on him later. So while he tells our daughter lies (about me leaving), I know deep down he’s just upset because he’s obsolete. But it will be okay. Daddy just needs an upgrade.