Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Cars and Kids: Not A Comparison But Observation

Having a car for the first time is a lot like becoming a first time parent–only easier. When you think about it, both events you have to train for (at least should train for).

For parenting, you read books, check out the studies, and ask the women in your family endless questions. You sit and wonder if you’re going to do an okay job (okay enough so that the kids may not need therapy). It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, you will still be a parent, flaws and all.

With a car, you are tested on the road with an instructor to make sure you’re not going to be a danger to the already dangerous motorist on the road. If they deem you worthy enough, you are given a card with your picture on it; the state’s stamp approval that you are now free to be on the road (at your own risk). When it’s time to get the car, you get to pick it out, test drive, get a manual on how to not to destroy it or yourself. You literally get something to hold your hand during the crazy process of having a car for the first time.

Back to the kids, there is really no one holding your hand. Your child is a creation between you and your partner and each child has their own personality and temperament. A car has just one, treat it well and you have yourself a reliable car. Treat kids well, and they’ll say thank you, but the gesture won’t hit home until years later.

Maintaining a car is again simpler than a child. Check fluids, check air pressure, make sure nothing is over heated and you’re good to go. A child on the other hand can take you anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to just get dressed. When you finally get the clothes on the child, it’s time for their next meal, or it’s too late to run to the store.

It seems like having a car will be many times better than having a kid, but having a child is so much better. Yes a car can take you places, but a child can remind you about innocence. A child can make you smile, or even dance. There will always be a “awe” factor with your child: be it first graduation or first date.

When the new car smell is gone, all you have left is a car. You take advantage of it when it works, and curse it when it doesn’t. You either feel indifferent or anger towards it, but your child is capable of producing so much more emotions in you.

When push comes to shove, a car may be able to take you places, but you really won’t enjoy the destination as well until you have a child to go with you.

Was your car your first child before kids?