Monthly Archives: June 2011

Cleaning The Carpets to Clear My Mind

Housework and me are not best friends. I don’t mind doing it, but there are other things that I rather be doing instead. However, there are times when housework comes to the rescue.

This morning I woke up several times, first at 3am, then at 5:30am, and the last time was at 8am–actually, the whole week as been like this. I’ve been sleeping on a 3 hour schedule. Not because I want to, but because my daughter is cutting her last set of molars and she wakes up randomly in the night.

Because of these random times, I know in the morning, I must find something to lose myself in so that I don’t get frustrated too quickly, or get moody.  I don’t know who can be a cheerful mom after only 3 hours of sleep every night.

This is where housework comes to the rescue. Whether it is clearing off surfaces in my apartment (which magically collects things), or vacuuming the carpet, there is something for me to do so that I can just get lost in the motions.

Before, I would just try my best sneak in 5 minutes here,  or 30 minutes there (not even possible, but that didn’t stop me from trying).  At the end of my efforts, I would still be tired and add cranky to the list because I didn’t get any extra sleep.

Today, my distraction chore was: Shampooing the carpet. Fill up the container with carpet shampoo soap, start cleaning until the soap is gone. Drain the dirty water. Repeat until done.

Nothing can distract the mind more, like a mind numbing task.

This mind numbing task, allows my brain to shut down while going through the motions. My daughter can’t get into trouble because she can only sit on the couch (she hates it when the carpet is wet).  So automatically, that is a plus for me.

At the end of the shampoo session, the carpets are clean and clear of toys and makes me feel like I actually accomplished something, even if it was just cleaning the floors.

Odd, but this gives me further motivation to tackle something else and enjoy the fruits of my labor. The rest of the day doesn’t seem so bleak. I find that I’m a bit calmer, and I feel like I can handle anything.

Suddenly, I’m not as tired anymore.

When you’re tired and you’re not allowed to go back to sleep, what’s your mind numbing task?