Daily Archives: May 29, 2011

Kicking Off Memorial Day Right — Part2: The Grill Hand-Off

Yesterday’s BBQ was a success. Lunch and dinner was served and everything was grilled, even the veggies! Okay, the potato salad and macaroni and cheese was not, but everything else was.

What I love about family and friend gatherings, is that everyone helps out, or I make them. Hey, you can come along for the free food, I don’t mind at all, but when I see hands that are idle, I don’t mind calling them into service.

I don’t think that because I’m the family cook and event coordinator that I don’t want or need help. Please. everyone who shows up will at least touched something to do with cooking. It’s just how I was raised.

When it’s time for the grilling, I know what I’m doing out there, I’ve been taught by my dad for years . He trained me from day one to be the family grill master and it’s a title that I don’t mind holding onto, but it’s also a title I don’t mind sharing.

My dad taught me how to grill because I was receptive. I showed interest in the flames and was really eager to learn how he made burgers taste so darn good. In part he taught because I wanted to learn.

What my dad has also taught me was that nothing can teach a person more than by doing. I can sit on the side lines explaining why I’m doing something to the meat, or why I’m moving the chicken around on the grill, but to have you do it, while explaining it, you start to understand what the whole process is about.

Holidays are even a better time to teach. Yesterday, I commandeered the men in the house to action. One can assist with the grill, the other can baste the meat the the other can take it off the grill. If I need something put on the grill, I ask one of the guys to do, doesn’t matter which one.

Everyone wants to help out in a BBQ. No one wants to feel idle and useless while the host is running around cooking everything. I don’t see a point in keeping the guys sidelined when they can help out too.

My husband is my sous-chef and I’m darn proud to say it. He helps chop, stir and mix. The recipes are mine, but he’s a huge help in the kitchen (and grill). We all have an idea how it is to cook with a toddler wrapped around your leg.

In your home, who’s in charge of the grill?