Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

Hurricane Baby Hits Living Room

Of all days to have my living room look like a hurricane hit it, it had to be the day where I expect the cable company to fix a problem.

For the past month, my cable Internet has been spotty (thank you cable vision), so as annoyed as I was, I set up an appointment for someone to come over to try and fix the issue.

The plan was to wait until my daughter falls asleep and attempt to clean up the living room after her morning play time, then sit back and pretend that my living room is always clean all the time. I was supposed to be able to attempt this because the cable company was supposed to show up between 2 and 5.

It would be my luck to have a dedicated cable representative show up at my door at 12:30. Okay, fine–it could have been worse. They could have shown up after 7 while I was trying to get my daughter to sleep. So this is good…kinda.

They walked into hell and tried to pretend not to see the mess. The wooden rocking chair was on it’s side, Minnie Mouse looked like she was being punished with food as she was stuffed into a too small high chair. The other stuffed animals were trying to make a run for it while spilling out of the stuffed animal bean bag chair that I purchased. Naked dolls hanging from the couch, and plastic babies driving their mothers in minivans.

What did I do? I pretended not to see the mess. Yes, my living room looks like this during the day; my daughter plays with her toys. Yes, I can tidy up while you’re here, but I chose not to. I just talked with the cable guy while stepping over the toys [while silently] daring him to say anything about my mess.

The way I feel, if they came as scheduled, they would have had a toy free working environment, instead, they wanted to be punctual. Well sometimes it doesn’t always pay to be an early worm.

The good news is that left early enough for me to buy replacement measurement spoons (I do not know where my daughter placed the last ones I had). I’ve been dying to make strawberry muffins.