Toy Story 3: Will Pass

I will admit from the very beginning of this post, that I am an emotional person. There, now that I got that out the way, let me talk about Toy Story 3.

Just yesterday, I had to remove this movie from my Netflix queue because I know it is a movie that will get her upset (even if she sees it a few years from now). Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson from Elmo in Grouchland.

For older minds, I’ll say this is a great movie. For young kids (not even talking about toddlers here), there are somethings that I would have to worry about. But, my motto is, if the movie has me crying, not tearing up, but really crying, then it’s time to wait a while before I show my daughter it.

But, I can honestly say Toy Story 3 was really a movie for me to watch. I remember when the first one came out–my mom took us to see it, and I remember the second one. My daughter did see the first one on DVD, and it was fun to look back on it and laugh, but it really didn’t capture her attention (except Mr. Potato head).

I don’t expect her to have any emotional attatachment to Woody or Buzz or any other character because I’m sure to her it is just another movie. All I know is that I cannot sit through that movie again.

Spoiler Alert

I was doing good until the scene where Woody, Buzz and company was in the garbage dump and facing the incinerator. They just sat there accepting their fate and they were facing their end. nope, sorry, can’t do that again. I’m glad that my daughter didn’t wake up as I was watching it on my iPhone.

Someday, I’ll have the courage to watch that movie again. But knowing myself and movies that makes me cry (for the wrong reasons) I will likely not watch it again.

If I do have to see it before I’m ready to cope with it, I can at least say I am hormonal.


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  1. Even reading about that scene again has me teary-eyed. The way they held hands and faced their sad fate together just . . . ugh, weeping in the coffee shop now.

    I did watch it a second time, and I wept as much as the first time. I feel like I enjoyed its conclusion all the more . . . but it will be a long while yet before I go for my third viewing. I may know how everything works out, but that moment is heartbreaking.

    • That has got to be the saddest scene in all the Toy Story movies. For them to give up when they’ve been through so much.

      I know what you’re talking about when crying in public. You were at least brave to watch it again. I have yet to to put on my brave shoes.

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