Toddler Allergy Scare

Today was a good day, until tonight.

For two days my husband was out sick from work because he was, well–sick. So I did what I needed to do in order to help him get better-I nursed him. Fed him congee (Chinese rice porridge), chicken noodle soup, and some black tea with honey. I’m happy to say that he is starting to feel better.

The day was good, we went for a walk, bought some soy ice cream, a bagel and my daughter munched while we walked and talked and pointed out all the wheels on the parked cars.

Fast forward tot his evening. I fed my family lamb stew and just because the rest of the day was going so well, we opened up the soy ice-cream. Bad mistake.

The reason for the soy products is because my daughter has an allergy to dairy. So, instead of keeping dairy and non-dairy products in the house, I just keep everything non-dairy. This ice-cream seemed okay. We never tried it before, so we gave it a try; we are adventurist.

Now, I’m usually a DIY (do it yourself) kind of gal. Cookies, cakes, pies, ice-cream, etc. I rather just do it myself. I know what’s going in our systems and I have a good idea how it will affect us. This time I didn’t do it myself, and we paid the price.

Just moments after eating her ice-cream, I notice that she has bumps forming under her eyes and her neck. Then the itching started, and so did my worries. I always keep children allergy medicine in the house because you never know, and this time we didn’t know what she could be allergic to.

We called her doctor (who always picks up on the second ring), explained the situation and he explained the correct dosage for her.

After giving her the medication, I checked the carton again and staring at me was the one ingredient that I know I’ve never given her before–coconut. According to the FDA it’s classified as a tree nut, and that means she could have allergic reactions to other tree nuts. So anything nutty is now taken off the list.

Aside from milk, I now have to add coconut and possible tree nuts to the list of foods that she’s allergic to.

Just to be safe and sure, I’m going to take her to the doctor.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Yikes! We haven’t encountered this with our son yet, but the thought of doing so is terrifying, to say the least.

    Apart from the actual (likely) culprit here, I’m reminded of our experience. We moved to soy products because our son showed an intolerance to dairy (not lactose, but dairy, which is common on his dad’s side) . . . only to discover the soy products were worse for him! Ugh.

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