Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Expressing Herself Through Emotions

My daughter loves to express her emotions.  There are some days when I worry about her though.  She has days when all her stuffed animals are sad.

She covers the stuffed animals’ face with its hands and says “sad” but with a smile on her face.  I’m thinking: Woah.  Is she getting pleasure for her animals being sad?

It’s like she is secretly enjoying the emotional turmoil of this poor stuffed animal.  But looking at the stuffed animal, I understand where she gets these smiles from.

All of her dolls have smiles plastered on their faces.  So when they are sad, they smile.  Crazy right?  To always be stuck in state of denial and to only have a 2-year-old to translate to the world what you’re feeling.

Her stuffed animals never talked to me.  They didn’t tell me what’s on their minds and why they are sad.  According to my daughter, some of them just want a kiss to be “happy.”  So, most days, I don’t question it, I just try to go with the flow.

There are times when I know she’s doing something, just to get an emotion out of me.

She takes all my feminine products out of my drawer then asks:

Daughter: Sad?

Me: No, I’m not sad.

Daughter: Mad?

Me: No, I’m not mad.

Daughter: Happy?

Me: No, honey, I’m not happy at this moment.  Trying to remember why I forgot to lock that drawer.

Tapping her finger on her chin, she then says:

Kway? (cry)

If only she knew.  Instead I put the things away, and pick up the stuffed animals from their dramatic poses (face down crying), and carry everyone out of the bedroom.