Defending My Rights to [not] Potty Train Her [yet]

I like my floors.  They are nice.  Carpet in the living room, wood floors in the dining area.    I also like my couch.  The covers can be changed to different colors and it’s refreshing to sit on clean covers.

If I start to potty train my child now, all that will change.  The floors will be hazard.  I can just imagine how many “accidents” will occur in my small apartment.  The floors will never look the same in my eyes.  Oh, I know I’ll get over it, but deep down, it will never be the same.

Occasionally, I have family come over; sometimes to eat or spend time.  Can I honestly tell them that the couch is clean knowing that my daughter decided to wiz on it?  Can I say that floor is spotless if I know that #2 just happened, and she didn’t even make it to the bathroom?

Oh, these things happen, I’m sure.  But knowing myself, I’ll crack up and laugh telling them they can eat the orange that fell on the couch.  How about that stain on the floor?  It’s a water stain, don’t worry about it {snickering to self}.

Nope, instead, I’ll wait until she can tell me she has to go.  I’m hoping that by 3 (big hopes here), she’ll be able to communicate but something tells me that I’m still heading towards a struggle.

While I always have a problem looking at some one else’s green grass, I’ve decided to keep myself in check this time.  Diapers are convenient.  She goes, I change.  End of story.  I can patiently wait until I have this conversation:

Child: “Mooooom!  I have to use the bathroom!”

Mom: “Why didn’t you go before we left the store?  I asked you 5 minutes ago.”

Child: “I didn’t have to. I have to gooooooo. Moooooom, I reeeealllly have to gooooo.”

Mom: “Okay, hold it in while we find a restroom.”

Child: “Mom….nevermind.  I’m good now.”

Yeah, we can all guess what happened there.  Then again, there is always ducking your child between parked cars in a parking lot while explaining why we should never use the bathroom outside unless it’s an emergency.

What age did you start potty training, and how long did it take?


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  1. Wait till they speak! I tried training my son early on and it was a disaster. Everyday for a month I would end up crying or screaming or…well…crying. Eventually I gave up. (btw, first people pressure you to start training, then they give you crap for quitting!) Then one day when he was 3 he just walks up and says, “Mommy I want potty.” So I took him and Ta Da! Now I have a 1 year old daughter. People are pressuring me to start potty training, but I’m not falling for that trap again! I’ll just wait till she knows she’s ready. Good luck to you! (btw, I had no idea what SAHM was. so before I commented on this I googled it just to make sure it wasn’t some weird cult or anything. Turns out, it is! But it’s cool cause I’m a member, too. Ha ha!)

  2. It’s important for them to know how to communicate their needs as well as get their own pants down… I heard a doctor say to wait until they have dry diapers at night or at least a few hours without wetting. That means that they’ll have more bladder control. No pressure from me, definitely. However, you may be surprised how quickly it goes. We started right before my daughter turned two. She was pooping during naptime, taking off her diaper and smearing it everywhere. She did this twice in 2 days, and I said, “no more!”

    We did the approach that put her straight into panties, no pull-ups. I made sure to take her to the potty to “try” every 30 minutes. She was pretty well trained in a few days. After that I just took her with me every time I went. We had few accidents, but you have to stay on top of how often she’s pottied. She is now fully potty-trained, nighttime and everything, and goes by herself for the most part. We had accidents along the way, but she pretty well had it in about a month. She’s almost 3 now. I understand about the carpet and furniture, though. If you don’t mind spending money on diapers, don’t feel pressured until she’s closer to 3 when you can expect her to have better bladder control. When she’s getting close to 3, you might potty train her easily in just a few days.

    • Thank you for the advice. Our goal is to wait until she gets closer to 3. Right now, she leaves her diaper on (thank goodness), but i dread the day when she takes it off after a poop. Good thing is, I’m usually good at knowing when she’s going to poop, she has this thing with the head scratching, and blank stare. That’s when I know it’s starting.

  3. Wow I’m dreading this right now. J is finally 2 but I’m not even sure when I started potty training my son since it was 7 years ago. I’m just getting her aquainted with her little pink potty and making sure she doesn’t hate the thing. It’s a start I guess 🙂

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