Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

I’ve Got Spring Fever

Yesterday was a good day. The weather was perfect, my daughter wasn’t too demanding, and I got things done. That was the best part, I actually got things done.

The only way I know how to get things done, is if I get the evening stuff over with in the morning; so yesterday morning, I made dinner (thank you crock pot).

Doing that freed up the rest of my day (after lunch) to go for a walk and get some things knocked off my to-do list. It didn’t matter to me that I carried her most of the way; at some point she did want me to put her down to walk (or hop).

She didn’t run away from me in the store squealing and laughing, she “helped” me by carrying the carrier. She even helped the cashier by passing the items to her so it can be scanned.

The only thing that could have ruined the day was allergies (which I am still in denial about having). Out of all days that I have (and could have), I really cherish the ones that everyone enjoys with no tantrums or me counting.

Now today will be a different story. We will be paying for my crock pot meal which happened to be split pea. So today, no errands. Just a walk to tire her out and to soak up as much sun (with sunblock) as possible.

After a productive day, what do you do?