Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

Lost In A Sea of Pink

While nursing my daughter this morning (more like her climbing on top of me and claiming what she wanted), I noticed that I’m surrounded by the color pink.

When my daughter was first-born, the goal was to buy gender neutral things (if we could), so that if we had a boy later on, we at least don’t have to sit him in a pink boppy chair.  That idea went out the window when family started giving gifts, and when we forgot about our own plan.

Now, we are surrounded by pink rocking horses, child size strollers, mini mouse and a mini mouse bag, pink trains, a pink mom’s minivan (by little people) and countless stuffed animals.  I’m hoping by chance we have a girl next so that a lot of these cute things won’t go to waste (or confuse our son if we have one).

My daughter cooks on her pink kitchen set, while trying to feed cookie monster carrots (maybe she thinks she can reform him).  I won’t say I’m surprised by my observations, just wondered why it took me so long to see it.

Maybe I’m blinded by the estrogen that’s in the house, I’m sure my husband feels overwhelmed with it.  Hmm…or maybe it’s a conspiracy that we’re buying everything pink.  Personally, pink is not a favorite color of mine, I like purple.  But in terms of girl’s toys, there’s not much difference.

The good news is, the boppy chair that we did buy is blue.