Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

For The Love of Reading

My daughter loves to read.  It doesn’t matter if it is her book, a magazine, flyer or my college history text-book.  If it has words (and pictures) she’ll sit down to read.

We’ve tried our best to keep her library active with buying new books for her to enjoy.  The library is easy for her to access, and she can of course read all the books, pull all the books off the shelf (I’m trying to discourage this) or ignore them.

Lately, she’s been in a reading mode.  We can’t eat breakfast without thumbing through a magazine (Parent’s magazine), while she reads the images to me in 2-year-old babble talk.

She’ll point to something for confirmation or explanation (a new word), and I’ll gladly share it with her.  Of all the times during the day, I don’t mind the slow eating, reading and pointing part.  It allows time to pass during meal time, makes it enjoyable for both of us, and no food goes on the  floor .

Now I know all the experts say, not to distract your child while they are eating, or your child won’t pay attention to their internal “full” cues; but how many of these experts spent all year with their child?  I’m guess not much.

There is only so many days you can stare lovingly into your child eyes, while they smear food on their face, table or anywhere else when you were’t looking.  So, reading while she’s eating so far is not hurting anyone.  She stops when she’s full (not when the plate is empty), and she gets to learn a few new words in the process.

What time of day does your child like to read?