Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

This Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please let tomorrow turn out okay. I’m not silly to ask for perfect, awesome, excellent or even good. I’ll settle for okay.

Let my daughter wake up at a normal hour in the morning, not 5:30am. I appreciate your tests on my sanity, but tomorrow can we skip this pop quiz.

Enable my husband to get dinner on the table in one piece. Again, I’m not looking for a miracle here, I want him to buy us dinner. No one really wants to get sick tomorrow, and we don’t want to make things hard on him (or you).

This is not a requirement Lord, but it would be nice to sleep in. Or if that’s not possible, how about allow me to wake up peacefully and not with a toddler trying to do somersaults while she’s nursing.

If that can’t be avoided, at least let me wake up full of energy so I can at least attempt to keep up with my daughter.

One last thing, oh Great One, whatever my family does get me tomorrow, please let it at least be useful. Not your “haha its a vacuum” useful, just something other than a dead paperweight that I have no use for, and I know I can’t throw away.

But I know you might say I deserve it since I didn’t tell them exactly what I wanted (even though I’ve been saying I need a break).

Thank you for hearing me out Lord