Let me Guess: Are You Done Eating?

This week has been very hard on me.  For the past several days, I’ve been sick with some bug while taking care of my daughter.  To no surprise, she has more energy than ever (or that is what it seems), and I’ve been slowing down.

I really hope she’s not extra spunky because of all the black tea that I’ve been drinking (some caffeine) and she’s still nursing.  As soon as I’m well, I’m going to wean myself  off of that heavenly brew (it tastes awesome with honey).

So these days, I’ve been very mellow.  It usually takes a lot to get me riled up, but I end up holding down the fort without losing most of my head.  But this week, I’ve been close to my breaking point.

I’ve been trying to teach my daughter to inform me when she’s “all done” eating.  She’s been telling me by dumping the food all over the floor and smashing it in her hair.  Do you know how fun it is to clean up couscous?  It’s not!  It’s like those little specks don’t get picked up, they just smear.  I’m better off letting them dry and sweep up the hard pieces.  That would be the easy way.  But I never do things the easy way.

I try to stop it before it happens, but she likes it when it snows, and she likes to see me close my eyes and count while checking the clock (to see how many hours until bedtime).

This “all done” is not just for the table or food.  I have been trying to get her to tell me in advance if she has to do something, like use the bathroom.  I’m not going to potty train her yet, but I figure, good communication is always a good start.

But today, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.  I woke up this morning without a sore throat and no aches and pains.  So for me, it’s a good day, and nothing can bring that down.  Not even a delayed nap time.

How did you get your child to tell you they are done eating?


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  1. Sorry to hear your sickness is holding on. I’m finally having a good day today.

    I haven’t done almost any sign language with my girls except for “all done” and “more.” My oldest didn’t really get into it. Her language came really early, so she just voiced it. But, my youngest now almost 17 months signs for “all done” and says “duh.” I say consistency is everything. Every time she looks done, ask and sign very simply: “all done or more?” You might also act out what more and all done means. I.e. show her more food or take the bowl away. It also helps to be in close proximity to keep her from doing things like rubbing it in her hair or throwing it on the floor. Throwing it on the floor you can control a lot better than getting it in the hair. If she throws it on the floor, tell her “no, no. Tell ma ma all done” and if you think she’s ready for discipline make her be all done. Same thing for putting it in her hair. Pull her hands out of her hair and tell her “no, no. Do you want to be done(and sign)?” Tell her, “You’re all done.” I have found that speaking very simply and occasionally giving choices really helps. I had some training for developmentally delayed preschoolers with autism, and this is exactly the technique we used. My girls are both really verbal. I think it’s helped. I’m NOT a fan of baby talk, but I do think extra simple sentences are helpful for the super young. 😉

    Hope that helps. Couscous in the hair sounds miserable!

    • I tried the sign language bandwagon, I just wasn’t dedicated enough to it. I at least taught her the sign for mad (which she only used when we read “I love you through and through”). Maybe with child #2, I’ll try that again.

      Also, I agree with you, I’m not a big fan of baby talk. I do talk to her normally, every now and then I’ll throw in a word she never heard of before, but that’s because it will build her vocabulary.

      Couscous in the hair sucks honestly, but it could be much worse…mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup..oh the list goes on.

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