An Easter Sucker

Entertaining family is so difficult.  We usually have a clash of personalities to work with, but every time my family gets together, it’s hard to manage.  It feels like a four corner boxing ring where there are four challengers at the same time.

In the Red Corner we have miss bossy lady.  She’s capable to boss everyone around about everything.  Including topics she’s not too sure of.

In the White Corner we have little missy.  This little girl is able to run around and away from you quickly while trying to avoid your grasp.

In the Blue Corner we have sleeping daddy.  He can sleep through any commotion without waking up or stirring.

And finally in the Yellow Corner we have the rest of the family who is here for the ride and free food.

Which corner do I fall in?  None, I’m the silly person hosting the silly boxing match.  Every time my family gets together, I’m somehow suckered into cooking the whole meal.  I’m the sucker.

Regardless of being tired, moody, tired (I just said that right?) I’m going to be cooking for my family.  This Easter, I think I backed myself into a corner though.  Almost as if I wanted to cook, but my conscience self didn’t know it yet.

My husband and I are the ones who usually pays for our family get together.  Being on one income though, that’s pretty hard.  If it was just going to be my family (husband and daughter) sister, and brother, I would say each person pay for themselves.  However, we are visiting my grandmother (who is in her 80s) and my mother who is turning 60 (you didn’t hear it from me).

I can’t ask these two women who taught me every dirty fighting techniques that I’ve used on my husband.  They practically taught me how to get my own way!  Okay, just kidding.  But they have taught me a lot and they did give up a lot themselves to make sure that I had an education and I didn’t wonder to the “wrong side of the tracks.”

So, I can’t ask them to pay, nor do I expect them too.  Instead I asked my husband what would he prefer: going out with our daughter (restaurants with a toddler is not fun) and picking up the bill or us buying the raw food and me cooking it.

I thought I was being nice, you know giving him a choice.  Deep down, I guess I knew which choice he was going to make.  I just didn’t expect him to actually make it.  He chose for me to cook.

So I cooked.  Macaroni and cheese (from scratch) with 3 cheeses, baked BBQ chicken, Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes, heated up some dinner rolls.

It came out good.  But that wasn’t the point.  At the end of the day, I was cooking while my husband was sleeping.  SLEEPING as if he was doing all the work.  Like I said, I’m the sucker.

All I know is that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that is one day that I’m not cooking (I hope).


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Is this a site redesign? It looks good.

    I like the boxing analogy. Well done. It paints the picture of the scene well. Before we moved, we would have to have all of the extended family get togethers at our place. It’s difficult always having to host and pay for everything. Stressful times. Like you said, at least Mother’s Day is relatively soon. I hope you get to enjoy it!

    • Hi Jeff. Yes this is a site redesign, glad you like.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed about Mother’s Day, while I’m looking for a break, I know I’m too much of a softy to take one at my mother’s and grandmother’s expense. Either way, it was good to get the family together, even if I didn’t get to sleep lol. Next time, hubby cooks (even if it is boiling the water).

  2. I think all family have some craziness in them. I have played the sucker before… making dinner.. when everyone was supposed to bring a dish. They got me two christmases and one thankgiving…not again. LOL

    LOL..this was an funny story next time don’t back urself into a corner..but best of luck with that!

    • You know the funny thing is, my sister (miss boss lady), she volunteered to make the chicken. I saw her the day before, and she wrote down the instructions. Come Easter, and she tells me that my mom says that everyone wants to eat, so she shouldn’t touch the food. “No one wants to be sick today.” That’s my mom being straight forward.

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