I didnt give that up too

When my husband gave up television for lent, I unknowingly gave it up too. One would think, since we cut the wire, there wasn’t much left to give up. Surprise, surprise, apparently there was. Unknown to me, that when he gave up watching television (this includes Netflix), he was sentencing me to 40 days with no television as well.

On most evenings, my husband and I would get movie watching snacks ready. Then for the next hour we would sit and watch something on Netflix, while pretending that it was only the two of us.

So instead of doing that now, we will talk over a cup of white tea and enjoy each other’s company. I won’t say that I don’t miss watching television with my husband, because I do. Some days I don’t feel like talking and want to get lulled into mind numbing action (foreign film action). But these days, it’s like we are catching up and discussing topics that I didn’t know he was interested in. I know I surprised him with a few topics of my own.

My husband is also handling his promise pretty well. He’s managed to get things done at night, and catch-up on some much needed sleep. But it is safe to say that we are both counting down to Easter. For him to watch TV and for me to get my lap top back.

It’s funny how one partner’s decision could affect the other one, not on purpose of course, but just unknowingly.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Ba.D. and I have become so absorbed in our electronics recently, I’d started forgetting what it was like to actually talk to him. Yesterday, he joined me for a seder with his godmother’s family. In preparation, we sat and peeled a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs. When we were about halfway through peeling, I said, “We need to do this more often.” It was wonderful to remember what it was we used to love talking about, before we started breaking everything down into baby-sized chunks of time . . . whether or not the baby is awake! Maybe we should follow your lead and just make a few minutes every day to really talk to each other, hard-boiled eggs or no.

    • Sometimes just doing things together, like you and your husband, a conversation will spark and you will remember those “good ol’ times.” Which ever path you choose, I’m sure you guys will have great results. It always feels so wonderful to reconnect with your partner.

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