Toddler Cleans Up – Something’s Working

Today was just like any day…or so I thought.  Let me start at the beginning.  We get up in the morning and start with our typical schedule.  This includes me trying to change her diaper and brush her teeth while our breakfast is cooking in the kitchen.  Like I said, typical.

We finish breakfast, and thank heavens there was no “snooo” today with the food.  No “wein” (rain) either.  That would just start my morning off on a bad foot.

She plays with her toys after breakfast, and since she wanted to cook, she decided that now was a good time to play with her kitchen set and all the fake food and pots to go with it.

Fisher-Price Grow with Me Cook and Care Kitchen - Pink

Fisher-Price Grow with Me Cook and Care Kitchen - Pink

I wouldn’t mind her playing with her fake food and cooking, but what I do mind is her dumping the toys all over the place.  By the way, that is exactly what she did.  She took the diaper size box and dumped all her food everywhere all over the floor.

It’s fine.  I know she’s going to play, and the living room is going to get messed up.  I rather have that happening to the living room and not our bedroom.  She plays for a bit and the gets distracted with the sirens outside the window from a passing fire truck.

Since it’s snack time and then nap time, I figure that I’ll clean up the toys in the afternoon when I know she’s completely done.  In the meantime I can write.

Fast-forward to later in the day.

She ate, changed again (don’t know which number this is today), and again playing with her kitchen set.  Then something amazing happened.  She was finished playing with it.  I expected her to just get up and walk away from it, but instead, what I got was her slowly putting away the toys one by one.

I didn’t ask her to, I didn’t tell her to, she just started doing it on her own.  While she’s putting away the play carrots, she smiles at me and picks up another pot.  It’s amazing how children can surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

I would love to say that I would expect that from her all the time, but she’s a toddler.  Nothing is ever consistent.  For now, that was just one less mess that I had to clean up that she did on her own.  Of course when she finished I showered her with praises!  She deserved it.


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