Mine! Mine! Mine! — Thank you Tolee

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When Ni Hao, Kai-Kan first came out, I was excited and happy for my daughter. I figured, it’s a great way to learn about some chinese culture, and maybe catch a few words here and there (since I’m not teaching her chinese).

Then her fascination with Tolee started to show. Despite all the characters on the show, I think Tolee has the most issues. Thanks to Tolee, she has learned a new word: Mine.

Now, I have been doing my best to ensure that my child shares her toys and is open and caring like a little girl is supposed to be, but when that episode aired, Campout, all my lessons went out the window, and my daughter turned into a green eye monster.

I didn’t see the change at first. I think part of me just wanted to ignore it. But as the days went on, that word: mine, started to get repetitive. Instead of just saying it once she was now saying it over and over again.

So now what do I do? She learned about possessions from a darn TV show! I knew that this day was going to come, but why oh why in her limited vocabulary did she have to pick that word up so soon?

She sees my phone: MINE!

Eyes my cup full of juice: MINE!

Pulls on my dress in the closet: MINE!

Every conversation now turns into a full discussion. A discussion that I KNOW she’s not processing everything. But everyday, I try telling her that it’s not hers, and mommy will share it with her (yes, I talk about myself in the 3rd person…thank you Elmo).

There are days where I think I’m making progress, and then reality hits me. I made progress for only that conversation. So, now we watch that dreaded episode, and I talk and explain our way through it.

Has your child picked up any habits (good or bad) from the TV?


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