Missing Our Target at Target

Last weekend, we had a family outing to Target.  There were a few things the hubby needed to pick up, and I desperately needed a clock for our cable free living room.

My sister and mother came along, since it was my mom’s car that got us there, and we expected to go in and out without any problems.  That was the first problem, wrong expectation.

Instead, two minutes after entering Target, my sister spied someone who she wanted to avoid at all costs, and she was afraid that they could have seen her.  Since we know what we wanted to get, I said let’s do this ultra quick and get the heck out of the store.  That was the second problem, expecting to get in and out.

So after we pick out the clock, and made our way downstairs, I said we’re good, let’s go on line.  But when we reached the first floor my husband remembered something that he needed to buy for the house and my mom wanted to buy some milk.

I follow my husband, and in the process I lose my mom.  Thank goodness my sister is with me still.  When the hubby finished, he said he’ll meet us on line.  I’m glad that he was quick–now to find my mom.

She didn’t tell us where she was going, and what else she was looking at, so we had to look for her while avoiding the stranger that my sister “needed to avoid at all costs.”  I’m not usually a nervous person, but if my sister was nervous about it, then so was I.

Sneaking in and out of the isles, while checking over our shoulders, we weren’t able to find my mom.   So we decided to just give up and meet my husband on the line.  Then right in front of us, heading our direction was the person who my sister didn’t want to see.

As they approached, my sister grabbed my arm tighter and tighter, and then all of a sudden she let go.  I’m like…What?!  What happened?

Sister: That’s not them.

Me: Are you sure?

Sister: Positive.

Me: So we can stop sneaking around the store?

Sister: Yup, we’re good.

We leave that isle, and who do I see together, my mother and my husband.  Which doesn’t surprise me, they were born on the same day, so naturally they would find each other in a crowd.

What I couldn’t understand was the look they gave me.

Husband: Where were you?  I said we’ll meet up on line.

Me: I know.  I was looking for my mom to tell her the message.

Husband: She was right here.

Me: No, mom wasn’t.  We came by here and didn’t see her.

Mom: I was looking for you both.

Me: How did you find him?

Mom: He was right here.

I could have scrubbed my face with my hand but instead decided to just let it go.  We were all together and soon we were all home.

Next time, I’ll just go with myself and my daughter, keeping track of her is far easier than trying to keep track of two adults.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. LOL this was really cute. I have that problem with the hubby. He constantly calls me on the phone and says, “Where are you now?” That’s why he rarely shops with me in Walmart or Target.

    • Oh yes, the cell phone call. One time the store didn’t have reception so the hubby paged me to the info desk! How embarrassing. Like I was a lost child.

      • LMAO…my parents did that to me once. And you’re completely right. It’s just horribly embarrassing!

  2. Store trips are always a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes you’re pulling your hair out. My rule of thumb is that the more people that get involved, the exponentially more complicated something becomes. If I really need to shop and not just get out of the house, sometimes I just try and go by myself.

    • I have never had a fun store trip. It usually ends in her crying, me leaving without everything I wanted, or with my hubby saying: “Don’t worry about it, you’ll get it next time.” Of course, there is no next time.

    • A solo trip is always the best to take. You can take your time, not rush, and leave with sanity.

  3. How funny~! Loved it; especially how you tied in the title.

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