A Mother’s Curse

“I hope when you grow up and you have a daughter, she’ll be just like you.”

When I was younger, I always thought those words were a joke, maybe even a blessing.  After all, I was a good child–on most days.  But my mom never failed to curse me with those words when she was able to get a chance.

With a child of my own, I can honestly see that it’s a curse disguised as a blessing.  Don’t get me wrong, all children are handfuls, but there is something eerie about a child who does the same things that you have done when you were younger.

Moms don’t usually know the power of the “blessing.”  Sometimes, it’s said so freely and often, that it makes you feel like they are just “blessing” you again so that it will stick.  Perhaps, it is to make sure that with each child that you have, the “blessing” comes through.  Why have only one child like yourself, when you can have many?

Sons aren’t immune to this curse either, my husband has had this placed on him too, by his mother.  So instead of this curse just being on one side, we were cursed by both our mothers.

But I do see a sliver lining in this.  After all, we can stop the blessing if we really want to.  Here’s how. I’ve noticed that whenever my mom uttered those words, it was usually after something I’ve done that I shouldn’t have done.  Either a mess that I’ve made, or a problem that I caused.  This is how I know it’s truly a curse.

If you’re in the same boat as me, here is what we could do with our own kids:

Only utter those words when they do something great / positive (It’s a long shot, but maybe…just maybe we can turn this thing around this way).

Any more steps after that, and we will be sure to forget it.  I just hope that my future second child (whenever that may be) will be spared from the curse.

Have your parents uttered those famous words to you when you were younger?


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. My parents never said that to me growing up. It’s not that I was so well behaved, they just never used that saying. But don’t worry, they had all kinds of awful things to say to me instead.

    I agree, trying to use it as a positive is a better move. The little ones will remember that when they get older.

    • That is what I’m hoping for, for the kiddies to remember the positive part of the saying. In time, maybe the “curse” part of it will be a thing in the past (one can only hope).

  2. That’s an awesome idea! I think I’ll try saying that to my kids when they do something positive. Could complete change the once thought of “curse” into definite “blessing.”

    • When you start to associate that phrase with something positive, the kids will remember it for sure. In time, it will be a phrase that people would love to hear.

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