Terrified of the Vaccume Cleaner

My daughter, bless her heart, has all of a sudden developed a fear of the vacuum cleaner.  I can’t turn it on, can plug it in, can’t move it about without having her on my arms.

It’s okay.  I’ve read that this could happen, and with each child, the fear will be something different.  What I forgot to mention was the fear to my husband.

I was cooking in the kitchen, and my husband started to take out the vacuum cleaner. I’m thinking, okay something needs to get cleaned up.  A few moments later, I hear my daughter screaming off the top of her lungs, hiding in the corner.

I’m like what’s wrong!  I look at her and I look at him and I saw my mistake.  Parenting 101: Always communicate with the other spouse.  I calmly explained the situation to my husband, and let him know that if he wants to vacuum, he has to do it while carrying her.

“You’re kidding.” Was the only thing he could say to me.  But, like a good husband, he picked up our daughter, and continued to vacuum while carrying her.

After finishing the second room, he comes out and says to me,  “I have much respect for what you do.  I don’t know how you can carry her for so long, while vacuuming and cleaning.  Heck even walking the 8 blocks to church with her in your arms.  No wonder you’re strong!”

I had to stop and think about it for a moment, and things that I did (which was just part of the job), would be hard on someone who was not used to it at all.

My husband would say that the grass is greener on the other side, but he said my grass is green because of all the hard work I put into it.  He would not want to switch positions.  Come to think of it, neither would I.

Do you have a similar experience?


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. This was cute! I usually tell my husband everything. He, on the other hand, has an issue with informing me of things are children learn to do. Like the other day I said, “Babe, look! She can open the pantry door all by herself now!” My hubby looks in the kitchen, shrugs his shoulders and says, “Yeah. She’s been doing that for the past week now. Didn’t you know that?” Well look who thinks he’s an awesome parent now? 🙂

    • Lol, it’s just amazing that the things one parent can take for granted, while the other one is amazed by the feats the kiddies do. There are times that I want to share some great news about my daughter right away, but then get sidetracked because she starts to do something that she’s not supposed to. After that, I end up forgetting.

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