Don’t Light My Fuse

When I got off the phone with a sales manager that wanted us to review a contract for a car, I wondered what happened to the man’s patience.  After asking him a few questions, the man’s voice started to rise, and I can almost imagine the guy’s face turning red while he’s huffing and puffing.

And for what?  Because I asked him a few questions that I needed clarification on? I always try my best be pleasant on the phone, even if I don’t want to be (since you catch more flies with honey) and keep the mood friendly.  Then it dawned on me, he never had children or a relationship with a child.  The experience alone (working with children) actually helps you put things into perspective and allows you to think and  keep your temper.  Because you know if you lose your temper with your kids, your kids lose it too.

Thinking back to my parents, they didn’t have much patience, but they learned to have more over time.  I think that is the hardest lesson as a parent.  Not just raising a child, but being able to keep your cool during the times when all you want to do is scream.

We all have our sour moments, but for most part, it’s just a learning curve for us.  I hope that the sales manager learns to keep his temper under control, since he’ll need it to make sales.  I’ve been thinking about sending him a “Relax” car freshener.


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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