Elmo’s in Grouchland and Daughter is Crying

In the evening, when we unwind, sometimes I put on a DVD or stream a movie from Netflix for us to enjoy.  Normally, there is no problem and everyone enjoys the movie.

My daughter has seen classic Disney Princess movies (except Little Mermaid, and Aladdin), as well as Kai-Lan and Thomas.  So far so good.  She never cried during any of those movies and she danced with the music.  Overall, she seemed very happy watching them.

Then I tried my hand with Elmo in Grouchland, and it was a different story.  I figured it was her favorite character (don’t know how since she never watched Sesame Street), so she wouldn’t mind watching his adventures.

I was wrong.  My daughter cried twice during this movie.  There were enough songs for her to be happy, but it wasn’t enough.  The first breaking point was when Elmo was sad because he thought he would never get his blanket back.  The second breaking point was towards the end when it almost looked like the bad guy would win.

I’ve read so many positive reviews about this movie that I didn’t do what I usually do, watch the movie first on my own.  Instead we dived right into the movie, and had to finish it because I wanted her to see that Elmo will be happy in the end.  If I had watched the movie first, then I would have known that my daughter was not ready for it.

Just one of many parenting mistakes I have (without a doubt) learned and will never make again.

Have you watched a movie that was geared towards you baby / preschooler and it was not what you expected?


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  1. I would have never thought about pre-screening the movies before letting the little one watch them. Maybe that’s just me being new do parenting. I better start doing that once the chipmunk is old enough to start watching things and understanding.

    • I learned that it’s really good habit to do. Just another thing to put on our parent to-do list. You know, that never ending list that never shrinks 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, my daughters both cried over this movie! Once because of the weird way Elmo moves around in the beginning, when his alarm clock goes off (that creeped out my older daughter); and my younger daughter is so sensitive that any time someone is sad or upset in a cartoon/movie, she gets upset herself.

  3. I can totally relate to your experience with your younger daughter. My daughter is the same way. You can’t show her sadness or cry around her; let alone have a cartoon cry. She starts balling out crying. That means half of the Disney movies are out for now (like Snow White).

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