On Being Bullied

After reading commitedtofamily’s blog about victims turning to bullies, it brought back my own memories for when I was bullied.

I had attended Catholic school for a good 9 years, and there was not one year that went by where I wasn’t picked on for something.

Of course I told my parents, but I was told to just ignore the teasing, bullies, and just study. Over the years, my sarcasm became really developed. I wouldn’t say I was mean, but I started to let everyone know what was on my mind at a given time.

It seems like there is a breaking point we all reach when facing a bully and being bullied. My breaking point came to be that I stopped trusting people. I didn’t want to get close to anyone because I knew they were going to use the friendship against me. Find something that I’m passionate about and tease me about it.

I can imagine what it’s like to be a parent to a child that’s bullied (my mother in this case).  You as an adult know that it won’t go on forever, and that kids do mean and stupid things because they are taught to do those things.  But as the child who is currently being bullied, it feels like it will never end.

Now that I’m older, and it’s been years since I’ve seen those miserable girls, I can say that I know what to do if my child gets bullied and do my best to work with them.  If the parents of the other child is helpful maybe we can work something out.

Ignoring the issue of bullies won’t go away. The kid who is bullied won’t forget.  When someone tries to break you down from who you are, that hurt sticks with you forever.  You may not live like you’re still being bullied in your 30s, but you sure as heck recall the pain, and the confusion as to why it was done in the first place.

Were you bullied or a bully when you were younger?


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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