Putting Your Child on a Leash

There have been a lot of responses about, Judy on Duty: The Leash Debate, and wheather or not parents would feel comfortable leashing their child.

I’ll be honest here, I have a harness for my daughter, and it’s a God send. Once when she discovered her voice, opinions, and learned how to walk, I can’t get her back in the stroller. I’ve tried, but I’m not one to force her in something that she doesn’t want to be in. Hence the harness.

While walking in the street with her, I primarily hold her hand and pick her up before we cross the street. Since I had to do this for a while, she doesn’t cry at every corner.

But there are times where I had to take her to the store and let go of her hand to pay for something, and those times where not very pretty. It could have been worse, but the harness has kept her out of trouble, and prevents me from running after her while buying something.

I take the harness with me everywhere I go, and since it looks like a dog, she loves wearing it. I use it when I absolutely must, but it’s good to know that I have options for a toddler whose a runner.

Do you have a harness / leash for your child?


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