Picking Apple Products for the Family

In my home, we own quite a bit of Apple products. Both my husband and I own iPhones, I have a MacBook Pro, an Apple Air Port, and we are currently thinking about acquiring an iPad.

It’s not that we hate Windows based PC, or we are fan boys (girl), but there came a point in my life where I just grew tired.

I built my computers, my dad taught me when I was 10 how to build one, and I’ve been doing it ever since. The challenge was fun. Had to trouble shoot to find out why something wasn’t working. Tweaking something just to get it to work. At the end of your labors you had a pretty fast functioning computer.

Then you spend your down time installing the operating system, and that’s another can of worms for you.

But like I mentioned before, I grew tied of all that. When I started working, I just wanted to come home to relax. I didn’t want to spend time troubleshooting my computer, debugging something, and re-installing the operating system for some odd and stupid reason.

The only thing I was looking for was a computer that just woks for me. That is what brought me to Apple products. Everything they released just works and is easy to set up. I don’t have to waste my time with nonsense, I can just get down to work.

For my family, sticking with Apple just makes sense. I don’t have to lose my mind with the parental controls, I can just do it. Movies and shows are easy enough for my 2yo to pull up.

I guess as I got older, I view my time more precious and want to spend less fixing the computer, and spend more time getting things done.  My husband calls it lazy, I don’t care, I don’t spend all day with a toddler just to spend all night fixing my computer.

Of course I’m not going to tell everyone to run out there and buy a Mac because they are (lazy) like myself; it’s just that when you find something that suits you, you don’t mind talking about it.

Have you found a phone or computer that you don’t mind blogging or working on?


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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  1. Ah, the old days of building your own computer. Those were good days. I’m going through the same thing, I just don’t really have the time anymore. We use Apple computers at home, too. My wife got me an iPad for my birthday. I love it, I use it all the time. Combined with the wireless keyboard, it’s a pretty good little mobile setup.

    • I’m thinking that in the long run, the only thing that we’ll need is either a laptop, or an iPad (tablet) device for our day to day stuff. Anything more would just seem overkill.

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