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Birthday Celebrations: Husband Turns 35 & Mom Turns 40…Again Today

I love April. It’s my favorite month next to February and March. In my family, we make sure to celebrate everything important in the beginning of the year.

From New Years until Father’s Day we have events for every month on top of the regular scheduled holidays. Birthdays, anniversaries, are all back to back. We sure like the beginning of the year.

Now, why I love April. My husband and my mother are both celebrating their birthday’s today. What are the odds that I marry someone who has the exact same birth date as my mother? Since I’m writing this in advance I had several ideas about how to celebrate.

My mom has been asking for a strawberry short cake and my husband wants an ice cream cake. So the ice cream cake I’ll buy cause there is no way I’m going to do that cake justice. But the shortcake, I plan on making that. Not only will it be fun for me (yay stress reliever!) but my daughter will be able to have some too. Only thing is, I’ve never made strawberry shortcake before and I’m about to venture where no tired Mama should go–the kitchen. But, my family will eat it anyway cause it’s made with love…and I’ll be sure to follow the recipe exactly.

This time I’m not backing myself in a corner, I’m purposely putting myself there. Perhaps for selfish reasons (I can lose myself in the kitchen) but everyone wins in the end. Mom gets cake, dad spends time with daughter, and I get a mis-directed break. Like I said, perfect. If all is well, then we even get a decent cake.

This is my first attempt, I’m not expecting anything too pretty. Okay looking for the eyes, yeah, but not pretty. I know how I work, this first cake will be a cake in progress for me, and the next one that I will eventually make will be a very good looking cake. This one–i’ll just try my best.

I am hoping that everything will work out fine, and my daughter and husband will have a good time playing together while I try and whip up a cake (an edible one that is).

In the mean time: Happy Birthday Sweetie & Mom!