E-book Reader vs. Paperback

I do a lot of reading. A lot could be an understatement. I love to read, I love to unwind with a new story and I look forward to getting lost in a new book (or an old an).

What I am wondering though, is if I should go back to paper back. I currently had my Nook for a year now. My husband bought it for me on my birthday because it would be easier for me to keep my desire to read while all he had to do was fund it.

It has been a godsend for me really. I love the fact that there are tons of book on my nook, and I always have access to my library where ever I go. But I have been missing the paper back. I have been missing smelling the books, and turning the pages. I miss seeing the rows of text on both sides and feeling the fibers on the paper.

Maybe I’m romanticizing everything, since it’s the same story on an e-book or printed page, but there was something comforting about the printed page. I can tell how many times I read the book, I could easily find my favorite parts, and share it with someone. Heck-I can share my book with someone, spreading the joy.

I know that these days, a lot of parents don’t mind giving an electronic device to have their kids read a book. I’m thinking maybe when my kids are older, and a bit more responsible to handle an expensive device, I’ll consider it. But for now, my daughter’s library has tons of books, and she knows each one by the cover, and the stories. Would she know any of that if she had an e-book reader?

My middle ground is to buy the physical books to things that I don’t mind owning, and things that I don’t mind people see that I’m reading. However, my romance novels, I’m better keeping that on my Nook, since no one, other than myself, would be interested in reading them.

Have you jumped on the e-book bandwagon?  If so, do you miss printed books?


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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