Starting Again: Creating a Relationship with my Sister

It’s hard to say where me and my sister went wrong. As far as I could tell, we were never close, or in good standing with each other. Every year, when I was younger, I would hope and sometimes pray that we would have a good relationship.

Somehow, growing up it never happened. She was never the person who I can turn to for advice, I was never able to hang out with her, or just shoot the breeze. If there were girly things to do together, we didn’t do it (although, that could have been because I was a bit of a tom boy).

So instead of us bonding with each other, I ended up bonding with my younger brother over Doom and other video games, computers and other things. Instead of playing with my dolls (which I had no idea what I should do with them), most of the time you would find me bugging my dad and his latest gadget.

But recently, things started to change. Last February, I made her the god-mother to my daughter (even though she is her aunt) and I was just hoping for the best. It’s been a year since that event, and she has been slowly coming around.

My sister is visiting more often, and is not as confrontational. It basically surprises me how she is right now. Almost makes me want to ask, “where is my other sister. I’m not used to this.”

Part of me is a bit worried. Will she turn back? Is this change real? The other part of me says that she’s older now and more mature. She most likely will not have kids of her own, so why not be close to mine. I can understand that.

One thing that I learned along time ago, is to never burn bridges. We were never on the best of terms and she has said some really crummy things to me over the years, but all I can do is forgive her and hope for the best.

I hope and pray that this is the best that I’ve been asking for.


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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