If Disney Princesses Had a Real Mother

I came across an article yesterday, If Disney Princesses Had a Mother, and it brought up very good points about how the Disney princesses were constructed, and the circumstances would be different if they had mothers.

But somehow I can’t stop but think about why does the story need to be broken down for small children. Their minds are innocent, and they are not looking at the story the same way we are.

A lot of what Zalob writes is funny, but I wonder how much deconstructing a Disney Movie needs after watching it. Back in my time (no, I’m not that old), we watched the movie, either enjoyed it or hated it, and that was that.

I admit, I grew up watching some of the princesses (except Snow White-always fell asleep), but when I was younger I never thought about the situations that these girls were in until much later.

Growing up, me and my sister never pretended to be princesses, nor wanted anything that those fictional characters had. We knew they were stories and they were not real.

I’m guessing this need to explain the princesses has to do with our culture now. Instead of saying to our daughters, “look at the princesses,” we say, “you are a princess.”


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