Controlling Others

I have to best tip that will change your life about controlling others. It will make your life easier and stress free. The great news is, this advice is free.

How to Control Others

01.  You can’t, so don’t try.

Being married to my husband taught me a lot of things. Not just about relationships, but about myself. But one of the most important things that I recently concluded on, is that you cannot control others.

I’m late to realize this, I know, but it’s better me telling you this now than you finding out late too. One of the most basic cause for arguments in marriage and friendship and almost anything, is two strong wills being opposed to each other.

One person wants to do something, while the other wants to go somewhere else. Instead of reaching a compromise, both parties argue like it’s the end of humanity. Who wins? No one. Not even the person who got their way.

You see, the person who win may have found a way to manipulate the other person, or maybe their arguments were better but in end they really just managed to isolate their loved ones and cause a divide in the relationship.

So the best solution I can give you is, don’t try to control another person.  No matter what you do or say, you will never really have control over them.  You cannot impose your will, your justice, your opinions on another person.  You cannot ask them to make your will their own, because they won’t.

All you can do is accept that person for who they are, and if they have a desire to change, all you can do is support them.


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