Lent is the Beginning of Change

As far as I could remember, every Ash Wednesday that has come and gone, the first thing people would usually ask is “Did you get your ashes yet?” It seemed like our whole existence as Catholics came down to the Lent season, and the showing that you are of a religious group. Now that Ash Wednesday has come to a close, we can finally focus on what’s really important during this Lent season–change.

Change one of the key highlights for Lent. It is a time for us to reflect and accept who we are, how far we have come and acknowledge the things that we did not do. The beauty of Lent is that you don’t have to be Catholic or christian to understand what it means and how it can make a person feel. While Lent begins the 40 days prior to Easter, every one of any religion can appreciate the meaning and significance of these days.

On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded that we came from dust, and to dust we shall return. Weather we want to or not, we have to come to terms with our own mortality, and the sheer beauty of everyday we are given. Simply, we just have to live.

There is far so much to say about this season and what it comes to mean to me and those around us. I could give small insignificant tidbits of how we are called to change and how we do change, or I can go into more detail.

I’ve decided to go into more details, and make each point a different post. So here begins a mini series of the Lent Season and how it affects us all.

Please stay tuned to future posts about this, and don’t forget to subscribe so that you can get instant notifications of new posts.

Season of Lent Blog Series

  1. Facing our Mortality
  2. Spiritual Renew
  3. Acceptance of Self
  4. Appreciation for Life

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