Suck it Up Men: Get the HPV Shot Too

I like how when the HPV vaccination came out for women, there was a whole campaign to make sure girls as young as 9 receive the vaccination.  Now there are new studies that are coming out that says men get and carry HPV as well (read article here).  Times has changed and now boys as well as men has been requested to get the vaccination as well.

While these studies have been coming to light, there has been somewhat of a resistance from men to get the shot.  It’s almost like we expect only women to take responsibility.  What some people don’t know that while HPV causes cervical cancer, it has also been linked to anal cancer, some throat cancers, penal cancer, as well as neck cancer.

Men, if you care for your privates, as well as your family, it is highly recommended that you get the shot as well.  Aside from the fact that it’s the right thing to do, we can also use common sense here–women don’t get HPV alone, we usually get it from someone.

The great news about this is that as more studies are coming out, I’m hoping that the resistance from some men would be overshadowed by the possibility that men would have to care about their health, and suck it up.


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