Breast Milk Ice cream: No Longer For Sale

Of all the crazy and odd things to do, the Icecreamists has made and sold  breast-milk made from donated breast milk.  Suprisingly, they sold out of the milk on Friday when it was launched to begin with.  What’s not suprising was the fact they sold out to begin with.

While I may not be on the bandwagon for breast-milk ice cream, I could see where there is a benefit, after all, breast-milk was produced by humans for human consumption.  I believe we are the only species that regularly drink milk from other animals, so why not ourselves.

I’m guessing that the idea was too close to home and too nasty for others.  Of course, there are health issues that could cause some people to squirm.  But, let me think of it this way, every time a cow is milked, I’m sure poop has fallen on that cow’s utters.  If we’re lucky, they clean the utters (and the cow), but most likely, they just boil the milk-hence pasteurized, and sell it to us.  This case, a woman’s breasts are no where near her butt!

I’m sure those who already ate the ice cream, enjoyed it.  Hmm…maybe I should make some for my daughter.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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