Fathers: Talk to Your Daughters

While I usually post things that are geared towards women, I came across this article: Talking to Your Daughter About Beauty.

I’m glad that someone wrote about this since it does affect how we raise our children. With the growing trend of the Princess stage little girls are shepherd through, fathers do make a big impact on how girls seek attention.

It’s is simply not enough to call their daughter cute, but girls need to know that they are valued regardless of looks. In our culture where women can’t grow old gracefully, and we have to fight to stay young, I know it gets harder and harder for young girls to get the message.

What it all comes down to is having a solid and open relationship at home with your daughters, so that they are not influenced by society too much. Instead, they will be following their own internal cues.

If I knew then what I know now, so many things would have been different. I wouldn’t have gone through the short skirt and heels phase looking for attention that I didn’t need.


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