Parent’s Education and Weight Loss for Kids

Before I cut my cable, there was a show I started to watch: Too Fat for 15. The show was a reality show that documented children (teens) who struggled to lose weight.

The parents, with good intentions, sent them to camp that taught them diet, nutrition, and exercise. So far so good.

These kids didn’t get to go home for the weekend until they showed improvement, and they were self motivators. A lot if the time when the kids did go home, most didn’t stick to the recommended diet plan.

But what amazed me the most was that most of these kids are coming from homes where everyone could benefit from food knowledge.

This show is so much like society, it puts the weight blame on the person carrying the weight, instead of looking at the environment. What makes matters worse, is that parents food knowedge will help the child lose weight.

How can we expect a child who’s weight jumped up to overweight or obese levels and expect that child to dig themselves out of that hole. Children don’t go grocery shopping, they don’t work to spend money on junk food. Either we buy it for them, or give them the money to buy it.

We can’t expect kids to lead the way for weight loss, we have to be the example for them. We have to provide the correct food for them. We have to be the living example by practicing what we preach, and living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s way too easy to blame the fat or obese person for their problem, and too many, “why can’t you control yourself?” or “just stop eating” remarks.

It takes time to turn your life around, and even more time to drop bad habits and start better ones. People who are struggling with their weight need support, especially if it’s our children.


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