Women Most Likely to Lose Sleep with Children

Baby crying? Child sick? Who do you think is going to wake up and tend to the baby? Dad? Yeah right. No disrespect fellas, but we already know who. Turns out moms are more likely to sacrifice sleep in order to take care of the family.

It didn’t matter if mom is the primary breadwinner or caregiver, we still lose sleep. I guess it’s easy for dads to say thy have an important meeting / presentation the next day.

I know that I’ve personally been sick with a fever taking care of a child with a fever and still having to feed her even though I couldn’t stand the sight of food.

We can say that husbands are heartless, but I know men have different things on their brain when we have kids. Women will always think of their kids, we are rewired that way, and men…well maybe you can tell me what you’re thinking about.


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