Problems With Raising a Princess

There is some buzz going around about the Princess Culture and the potential damage that it could be doing to our daughters.

I have noticed the Disney Princess toys and many themed birthday party supplies that focus on being a princess, but I really wonder who could be taking that out of context.

For example, I call my daughter princess sometimes but I do it jokingly. Usually I’m tickling her and we’re both laughing. I usually call her by her nickname, along with: bright, smart, intelligent. I praise her for trying something new or even trying a new word.

We do own Disney princess movies, but we don’t watch them (the themes are too grown for her now). Can it be that we are just calling out daughters princesses without any real backing?

Last time I checked, all of the princesses from the movies were self assured, humbled, kind, resourceful, intelligent, and did not rely on their looks to get by.

This commercialization of the term princess is not doing the same thing. It’s not teaching out children the true meaning of princess that was based on the stories.

As for hyper-sexualization of our young girls, I though we as parents control what our children are exposed to. I though we were supposed to make sure that our girls are self assured that they don’t have to rely on looks to get by.

Yeah, I get it, society is also pushing these things on our daughters, but we learn a lot from the people around us. Proper grooming is necessary, but we should know when we’re taking it too far.

When us women buy Push up bras, push up panties to enhance our features, sure we say we are doing it for ourselves, but the truth is its to capture the opposite sex’s attention. When we walk around with no sense of decency, we teach our daughters not to respect their bodies.

Our job is to protect, nurture, and help shape a child’s mind to become a responsible adult, but it looks like the adults need to grow up first.


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