Plan B Birth Control Now Easier to Get?

The FDA are now in he works of making the plan B birth control pill easier to get for people under 17. You can read about the rest here.

I am happy to hear that the pill will be easier to access, but what I’m not happy about is why it has taken so long? Why is it that men and boys don’t need to show ID to buy condoms, but women and girls have to go through while elaborate security check just to protect themselves.

In an ideal world, no one under the age of 17 will be having sex; realistically, we know hat they will. I would to see the regular birth control pill over the counter as well. We should be teaching our youth about backup measures.

It seems like we want to pretend that underage people won’t be having sex, but they’ve been doing it during my grandma’s time and I’m sure before that as well.

As a woman, I would like to see girls take their future in their hands too. We can’t always just rely on the guy to get it right. Accidents happen, but girls shouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy on top of all the STD’s out there.


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